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Are you considering what's next for your community management company?

Thinking about

succession planning

You've worked hard to build an enduring business. Now it's time to spend more time with loved ones and enjoy retirement. We can purchase your management company and ensure a smooth transition. We will partner with your team for the next phase of growth.  We will work to understand your unique business and culture, preserving and enhancing your legacy in the years to come.

A partnership to support your growth

Your industry is growing, with over 70% of new homes built in community associations. You're ready to grow with it, embracing the challenges and rewards of business building. You have a strong presence in your region, but you know that you can grow more with the right partner. We are experts in scaling at a measured pace, keeping the needs of your team and customers in mind. 

Why partner with us?

Summit Management Partners

Long-term time horizon with family ownership

Preserves your team and legacy

Opportunities to grow, participating in future upside

Large Management Company

Focused on pressures of a large organization

Pulled into anonymous corporate culture

Absorbed into a bureaucracy without opportunities for growth

Private Equity

Must sell your company again in 3-5 years

Short-term mentality changes culture

Focused on cost-cutting to hit quarterly financial targets

Working with us

Get in touch

Let's hop on the phone to learn about your company and goals. We can tell you more about us and our decades of experience building businesses.

Learning more

We'd love to learn more about you. What's the vision for the future of your company? How can we support your team to prepare for future growth?


We will present you with an offer designed to meet your unique needs. We take a flexible approach, tailoring our offer to your individual situation.

Close the deal

We will work at your pace and adapt to your needs to establish our partnership. We will be transparent and straightforward, no fine print.

What we look for

High customer retention

Great customer relationships with high contract renewal rates

High-quality team

Strong culture of teamwork that encourages personal and professional development

Ethics and integrity

Teams that always do the right thing, even when no one is watching

Head and heart

Thoughtful decision making with a spirit of deeply caring about impact on your communities

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